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Design For Industry
Northumbria University Year 4
The Future of 3D printing Part 2:

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Design & Layout:

As part of my Design Report, I researched my family history and uncovered my family connection to design. Avalon Furniture, formally Wake & Dean Furniture was my family’s company designing and manufacturing furniture.
The catalogue for this project was modelled after an original Avalon catalogue to demonstrate how Avalon could have presented a piece of furniture if they were still operating today.

I have modernised some parts of the catalogue and added my own creative take on the style Avalon used.

Fonts & Imagery:

The font that was used is a modified version of Core Sans D 25 Lite. To make the brochure look as genuine as possible, I wanted to recreate the same font that was used by Avalon. I also recreated the logo and matched the color using a real catalog for reference.

I tried to use images that were similar to the style Avalon used. I also did my own creative take on some of the image colouring by blending it with the orange accent pieces. This gives the style a more modern feel which does not look as cluttered when compared to the original catalogue. The rendered images have been photo-shopped to try and look as real as possible and match the style and aesthetics of a genuine Avalon catalogue.

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Proces Journal

This is the process journal that I made during the project. This contains all the work related to the project and how it has led to the final design.

Creative Process Journal

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