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MG ZS EV Review

This is my first car review of the MG ZS EV Exclusive trim.

We went to Cardiff for our first test drive of the new MG ZS EV.

Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPHG-uT_6EM

It's a very comfortable vehicle with a very quiet cabin and a premium feeling interior. We will be having another test drive soon in Exeter, so hopefully will be doing a follow-up video. The range is 163 miles WLTP and 220 miles in the City.

Combined driving efficiency: 18.6 kWh/100Km Prices starting at £21,495 with government grant & MG's first 2000 order offer.

Prices are £24,995 for the Excite & ££26,995 for the Exclusive after UK government grant.

Find out more about the MG: https://mg.co.uk/mg-zs-electric/

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