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Design For Industry
Northumbria University Year 3

Placement: Monitor Audio

I was offered a 9-week placement at Monitor Audio. I shadowed a senior designer (a former DFI student) as well as some other designers including the design director. I was invited to attend meetings, making notes on products, and offer suggestions as well as research manufacturing issues to come up with possible solutions.

I was set three main briefs which involved heavy amounts of research, concept imagery, and rendering demonstrations (as Monitor is looking to switch to Fusion 360 from Inventor). The renders below are of material concepts which Monitor wanted to explore before launching their new Rockan Attessa. This was the main project that I worked on while at Monitor, I was asked to come up with alternative materials and finishes for an upcoming product. I decided to push renewable materials including ocean plastics which the designers found really interesting and were keen to look further into possibly adopting the renewable materials as an option for future products.

Monitor audio makes high-end speakers while their subsidiary company Roksan produces audio Amps and turntables while their other company Blok produces hifi furniture (record racks).

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