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Design For Industry

Northumbria University Year 2

Personal Placement Project:

Renewable Energy

These designs are part of my environmental & Sustainable design category.

To view the full range of designs

Experience The Range in Augmented Reality & 360

Click the design you wish to view

*IOS or Android device is required.


1: Click the image ( window will open)

2: Click the download a copy button

3: Click View on the pop up and enjoy

*Aumented reality is commpatible with iphone 6s & newer or iPads made from 2017 and newer.

If your device is incompattible you will get a  360 image where you can interact with the design instead.


*You may need the Apple files app installed


1: Click the image

2: Click the download button

3: Save file to downloads

4: Import file into AR App & Enjoy

*You will need to install an AR viewer app to experience the designs.

* A commpatible version of Android is required

Presentation Boards & Research

Documentation & Work done during personal placement

Click the images/text to enlarge

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