The Automotive  Exchange

If you are part of an automotive manufacturer, charge point manufacturer, green energy manufacturer or have a business that relates to green energy and transport, then join EV-Racers and we can arrange an exchange. This would be you allowing EV-Racers the use of your vehicle, charge point, etc.. (through a 3d cad file of the object/product) and in return, you get free advertising in the game and on social media!


What you get:

  • 1 billboard per track*

  • A direct web link from your vehicle in game to its product web page

* For every vehicle, charge point, etc you submit the 2 offers above will get doubled meaning 2 EV's get you 2 billboards per track as well as more social media presence on EV-Racers social media pages.


What you offer in return:

  • A CAD file of the vehicle, charge point, etc to be used in EV-Racers*

  • Any information/images relating to the product/object.


* you must submit a detailed CAD file that shows the exterior & Interior of the object, this does not include any sensitive technology/internal workings, just what people see in real life.


By Joining EV-Racers, you are also agreeing to submit any new versions of the product/object or any varieties unless a deal is negotiated, E.g. a vehicle manufacturer sends EV-Racers 1 electric car then launches a new electric car the next year, that new car would then need a CAD file to be submitted into EV-Racers.


Sponsor Enquiries 

If you are interested in sponsoring EV-Racers then please enquire below. All sponsorship is welcome. Please indicate which sponsorship package you would like to choose from with the options above or you can contact to arrange a custom deal.

You can also donate to my PayPal, this really helps as it allows me to fund the licensing and software required for the development of EV-Racers. Any donation over £5 will get you a mention on this website. Any donations over £20 get you a mention on EV-Racers.

The Press Exchange

If you are a part of the press or are a social media/youtube influencer and want to expand to a new audience, then join EV-Racers and we can arrange an Ad for an Ad exchange. If you do a video or blog article about EV-Racers then you can get your presence in EV-Racers. Press are of course always welcome to do articles about or that relate to EV-Racers with permission.



What you get:

  • 1 billboard per track

  • A dedicated page with direct links to all media and sponsorship.


What you offer in return:

  • 1 Video or website article about EV-Racers

  • 2 social media posts at a time of your choosing (on facebook/twitter/Instagram)


For more please enquire Below

Press & Media Contact

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