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The game is complete! That is all the tracks and all the cars, and have all been tested and cleared for publishing with a few tracks and cars held back for the first major update. The game is available now on IOS at the moment and Android is currently in Beta. The IOS version works on iPhone 5S and above and you can get high-quality gaming graphics with Por Motion on the new iPad Pro's.


The next step is to add In-App Purchases. This is so people can get extra credit when they need it and get limited edition cars and tracks. I am also working on adding Apple TVOS support and then will bring controller support to IOS and then eventually launch the game on Mac OS with keyboard and controller support.




My game is designed to prepare people for the electric revolution by only having electric cars. The game would be designed to prepare people for the time where there will be only electric cars, By portraying them as something desirable in the game it could have an influence on the younger generation.

The game would be constantly updated with current car designs, concept cars and electrified classic cars. The game would also get map updates with new race tracks and styles. In time the game would have a vast range of venues from race tracks to country roads, a large range of electric cars, and a variety of custom options.


The game would be designed to work with almost any device from the entire Apple ecosystem (IOS, TVOS, MacOS), Windows (pc and Xbox), Android (mobile and tv) and PlayStation.

E-Racers is coming very soon so watch this space!

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